Documents required registering a Sales Tax

1        Copy of PAN Card

2        Residence addresses of proprietor/partners

3        Memorandum of association or partnership deed

4        Power of attorney/board resolution in respect of authorized signatory, his name and address detail

5        Proof of address of premises for which single or centralized registration took    A copy of telephone bill.electricity


Service tax is a tax imposed by the Government of India for those who provide services to their customers. In general, a  provider can collect some percentage of extra money from his clients, then pay that money to government is called services tax. Services tax change depend on the services offers. It also changes the percentage by it own.

Services tax is mandatory for all services providers. In some cases, it may exclude such as agriculture industries. If you are a services provider then you need to register and get a new tax number from the local tax office. You can pay the tax through online also or you can contact your consultant to file the tax.

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