Service tax consultant Chennai

BCC doing all types services tax registration and consulting service in Chennai, India. Service tax is a tax imposed on service you can offer to your clients. Service tax auditing come under the Central Excise Department on the chapter V of the Finance Act, 1994. Service tax is an indirect tax recuperated from the clients and customers. Service tax imposes on non-transferable goods.

The current service tax rate in India will be 14.5%.

Service tax is a tax which is payable on any services provided by the service provider. Service tax also just likes an Excise duty. Whatever the amount you collected from your client that needs to pay to the government.

We work all the parts of service tax consultancy services include problem-solving methods.

We do service tax registration

Offer training on service tax managements

Service tax refund management

Services tax auditing and balancing

Half yearly returns filing

Advisory on services tax